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CoTras is a computer-based cognitive rehabilitation device that provides game-type content to evaluate

 the experiencers' memory, concentration, perceptual ability, and language ability. Students who 

participated in the experiment responded to a questionnaire asking about their perceptions and attitudes

 about dementia in the first and second sessions before and after experiencing this program.

The survey consisted of 24 questions asking students' perceptions (17 questions) and attitudes

 (7 questions) about dementia. The item that showed the biggest change in the survey result was'attitude',

 and most of the students understood more of dementia patients after experiencing CoTras.

In particular, all 38 people who participated in the survey answered question 4,'Life of severe dementia patients is 

not worth living' and question 6,'Dementia patients cannot make decisions about their own care,' before the

 experience was'normal. After the experience, they showed a positive attitude change from the answer 

of'not at all' to the answer. On the other hand, the section on dementia'recognition', which ranks knowledge

 about dementia as the correct answer rate, showed similar levels before and after CoTras experience in all items.

Professor Kim said, "With the entry into an aging society, the problem of cognitive dysfunction (dementia) 

is emerging as a social problem beyond individuals." "You can change your understanding in a positive way," he said.

Meanwhile, the research, supported by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning,

 was published in Indjst (Indian Journal of Science & Technology), a renowned foreign academic journal 

in the field of ICT convergence information research. 


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